Information & Guidance for your fiction-writing journey

As a writer and writing teacher, I am happy to share with you information about this wonderful craft of writing.

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Plots are what happens in a story; the events which are linked, in a cause-and-effect way, to bring the characters on their journey.

Point Of View

Who is telling the story? You, as narrator? Your character(s)? A mix? Click here to find out all about Point Of View in Fiction

Fiction Genre

‘Genre’ just means ‘type’, and fiction stories are normally defined by what kind of story they are. Learn all about this topic here.

Writing Mistakes

Here are the writing mistakes and traps to avoid while you’re writing your stories.

Getting Published

Once your story is written, and edited, you can look into the next step of getting it published. Here’s information on that.

Editing Secrets

Once your first draft is written, it’s time to polish it, fix the mistakes, and edit it.

Character Creation

Interesting and dynamic characters are the life-blood of any story. Click here to find out how to create them.


One of the joys of reading fiction is that fly-on-the-wall feeling of other people’s conversations. So as a writer we need to write dialogue that people love ‘hearing’. Click here to find out how.

Literary Devices

Here’s a look at various tricks and techniques you can use in your writing to improve your reader’s experience.

Writing Your First Draft

What do you do when you’re faced with the blank screen or blank page? Here are some ideas to help you write your first draft.

Writing Definitions

A list of the jargon and fancy words that we use in writing, and their meanings.

Your Writing Career

How to progress as a writer and author, and also some reality checks.